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Therapeutic Remedies That You Should Know About Alternative Cancer Treatment

Alternative cancer treatment is a group of therapeutic remedies used in place of conventional medicine for the purpose of treatment of cancer. Alternative cancer treatments can be very effective. Alternative cancer treatment is a group of therapeutic cancer treatments seek to strengthen the body's immune system, to enhance the quality of life during recovery, and to nourish and fortify the body through nutritional, homeopathic, or herbal therapies. There are many alternative cancer treatments that can have positive impact on your health.

If you begin to research cancer treatments you will find that there is such a great amount of alternative cancer treatments available that are as effective if not more effective than traditional treatment options without the overwhelming cost, and side effects. If you begin to research cancer treatments you will find that there is such a great amount of alternative cancer treatments available that are as effective if not more effective than traditional treatment options without the overwhelming cost, and side effects.


Cancer is not a death sentence, it is an opportunity to heal within. Cancer patients using or considering complementary or alternative therapy should discuss this decision with their doctor or nurse, as they would any therapeutic approach. Cancer is the modern plague and people are increasingly looking for natural, safe solutions. Cancer is a complex disease, and it is reasonable to do everything in one's power to fight it. Cancer cells do not age, do not become weaker as they grow older, and therefore hold a huge advantage over our healthy cells.


If you begin to research cancer treatments you will find that there is such a great amount of alternative cancer treatments available that are as effective if not more effective than traditional treatment options without the overwhelming cost, and side effects.

The Cancer Coalition (American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, FDA, Prominent Hospitals, and of course The Pharmaceutical 'Godfathers' want us to depend on them to come up with treatments, so we fund them with millions and millions of dollars, yet still no cure, not even a good treatment.

They want us to trust them, so they bolster the true success rates of conventional cancer treatments. They want us to feel protected, so they legislate what treatments doctors can use, and label doctors that stray from those treatments and poor results as "quacks" or worse yet take away their license to practice. The fact that when you think of cancer, chemo, radiation and surgery pop into mind is a testament that they have run an incredible PR campaigned to make you think these treatments actually work. want us to depend on them to come up with treatments, so we fund them with millions and millions of dollars, yet still no cure, not even a good treatment. They want us to trust them, so they bolster the true success rates of conventional cancer treatments. They want us to feel protected, so they legislate what treatments doctors can use, and label doctors that stray from those treatments and poor results as "quacks" or worse yet take away their license to practice.

The fact that when you think of cancer, chemo, radiation and surgery pop into mind is a testament that they have run an incredible PR campaigned to make you think these treatments actually work.


Vegetarian raw foods are a great method of Treating Cancer with a healthy diet. Alternate treatments for fighting cancer can range from faith healing to visualization, but one of your best bets is a whole food diet that includes raw vegetables and organic nutrients -- things that promote body detoxification.

A raw foods diet is a great alternative treatment: raw food is easy to prepare and if you use vegetables and other whole foods as your ingredients, your vegetarian meals can be so delicious.

If you are anticancer and pro-life, choose the earth's natural energy boosters and start enjoying the organic nutrients and health benefits of opting for a vegetarian raw food diet as one of your primary Treating Cancer with a healthy diets.

All natural alternative cancer treatment has been working for a long time. Learning how to re-alkalise your body's tissue and cell pH to healthy levels is extremely important and should not be overlooked in your alternative cancer treatment recovery plan.

When you are considering alternative cancer treatments, ask for documented facts and stats from the representative to find out the success rate of the group. Also check to see if your health insurance will cover any alternative cancer treatment programs and be leery of programs demanding a large sum of money up front, or that state they can cure your cancer.

The information presented here is no way meant to discourage you from undertaking conventional treatments for your cancer, but hopefully will support you and your medical doctor to undertake 'smarter', more effective alternative cancer treatment approaches to beat cancer.

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Natural Cures For Cancer

Natural Cures For Cancer - Alternative therapies in health and medicine

Simple concepts are often the most powerful ones -- and yet typically the most overlooked. This is particularly the case in the health care industry. For the past 700 years, society has been taught to think of the curing of cancer and other disease as a perplexing and complicated science that is best left in the hands of medical professionals. As a result, people have come to rely heavily on the information that is given to us by doctors and health care providers who are themselves usually unenlightened about alternative healing options that may be better for treating diseases than the normal medical treatments consisting of prescription drugs, surgery, radiation or other expensive, dangerous therapies.

There is, however, a simple, low-cost therapy that can be self-administered at home in less than a minute -- and costs about one and a half cents per day. Over the past 70 years, approximately 15,000 European medical doctors have administered this powerful therapy to over 10 million people to treat over 50 different diseases. Natural cures for cancer, alternative liver cancer treatment, lung cancer cures, alternative breast cancer treatment, alternative prostate cancer treatment and many other diseases are among those successes. However, in the U.S., it has been essentially unknown because of reasons that will become clear as you read the One-Minute Cure.

To start with though, a few key details about the history of medicine and how it evolved into the overcomplicated, difficult technique of healing that is practiced today. From this abbreviated explanation of events, one can conclude that the process of curing disease does not have to be the expensive and often invasive procedure it is at this time. There is an easier, more natural and far more successful method to curing disease and maintaining quality health -- one that has been concealed by the highly complex science and business of medicine and pharmaceutical drugs.

Think about all of the drugs being administered every day. Go to the popular pharmacies and take a look at how busy they are every day, all day. There are actually natural cures for arthritis, natural cures for asthma, cures for gingivitis, a natural cure for migraine headaches, and even natural cures for herpes and natural cures for yeast infections. The One-Minute Cure can take care of all that and more.

All along, misinformation about healing has been distributed to the public through various methods. The earliest method used, in the 14th and 15th centuries, was the 'traditional authority' approach to science and medicine. This is the idea that if a prominent person declared something to be true, then it must be true -- and anything to the contrary was thought of to be an anomaly Alternative therapies in health and medicine, and really all types of alternative medicine are seen as abnormal, but have been effective natural health remedies for centuries. If someone told you they knew a way to cure liver cancer, and you or someone you know has liver cancer, would you not give it a shot if it were a natural cure for cancer?

Centuries later, physicians, physiologists, and anatomists replaced earlier doctrines and discredited many of the theories of traditional authorities with doctrines derived from their explorations in physiology and anatomy.

Now, back to the 20th century -- evidence-based medicine began to come forth, where the most effective ways of doing things were identified through scientific methods and worldwide information science. The evidence was gathered and organized; standard protocols were developed, and then dispersed to doctors and healthcare providers. The drawback with the 'best practice' method is that it served to inhibit all other alternative approaches to medical treatment, including simple natural cancer cure that can truly change the world. Additionally, the scientific methods used in drawing conclusions were definitely biased.

All scientific experimentation is subject to confirmation bias to a certain extent, which is an unfair influence found in scientific research when researchers expect a given result, and subconsciously manipulate an experiment in order to find that result. A researchers own ideology can cause him or her to support some data over other data. The human brain has a propensity to fill in the gaps of what it perceives, and sometimes, a researcher may also be stubborn and unwilling to admit a mistake about a certain belief they have. Thus, any conclusions created from "scientific or clinical studies" are usually biased and cannot always be thought of as reliable.

Today, there are a confusing number of so-called 'best practices' for every part of the anatomy, all clouded with bias to one degree or another. This has made the question of how to cure cancer and other diseases seem like a difficult and mystifying science with its own language that is beyond the comprehension of the nonmedical population.

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Cancer Treatment Now Includes Alternative As Well As Traditional Methodologies

Cancer is a disease that strikes senior citizens more than any other age group. A debate has been waged for a number of years now about whether complementary and alternative medicine has a place in the treatment of cancer. Traditional medical treatment has stuck with the position that any recognized and approved treatments must have solid research to support their efficacy.

That is now beginning to happen, and the results are pretty amazing.

The Federal Government 's lead agency for scientific research on complementary and alternative medicine is one of the 27 institutes in the National Institutes of Health. Their stated mission is to explore complementary and alternative healing practices within the contexts of rigorous scientific research. They also train researchers and provide the public with the information provided from research. The Complementary and Alternative Medicine agency studies treatments that include acupuncture, diet, herbs, massage, Reiki (a form of massage), St. John's Wort and yoga.

Many seniors believe in the benefits of ancient Chinese medicine, herbal remedies and Ayurvedic medicine (healing system of India). To make a place in modern health care for alternative medical care is clearly a step forward for seniors. Neither system is replacing the other; there is room for both in our world today. The global criticism of ancient and herbal medicines is that they lack rigorous scientific studies to either prove or disprove their effectiveness. As a result, medical science has succeeded in pooh-poohing claims of treatment and even cure. However, that is now beginning to change. With studies on the effectiveness of many complementary/alternative treatments, medical science will have better information on which to base treatment recommendations that may include CAM.

With more studies being done on alternative and complementary treatment for cancer and other catastrophic illness, seniors everywhere can look forward to improved options for treatment that include taking advantage of the wisdom of ancient cultures.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment Through Herbal Medicine and Its Advantages

Some hospital treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy may be a good choice. However, some of these treatments may end up being harmful. In order to treat cancer, it is a better choice to seek alternatives that are healthy and less costly.

Herbal substances has been known to be a good alternative to chemotherapy and other laser treatments. The reasons that surround it mainly consist of being natural and effective. Herbal medicine is derived from medicinal herbs which can be found in nature. It doesn't involve much processing so its materials are raw. What is usually done is that the chemical is extracted from the plant. Other procedures done to the extracted sample involve making it safe for human use.

It Works
Herbs have been known to contain certain chemicals that directly attack cancerous cells. This is done in many forms. For example, the herb Periwinkle has chemicals which act as an inhibitor of cancer cells. This helps other treatments function better because the cancer is kept at bay. Another herb is the Nothapodytes tree. Its chemicals manipulate the cancer cells' DNA, ultimately stopping it from division. After that, your own body has the capability of destroying these inactive cells. One downside to herbal medicine is that some of them may be poisonous under certain conditions. It is always imperative that you consult your doctor before taking any herbal medicine.

Laser Treatments
Herbal solutions may be noted as an alternative to laser treatments. But, they can also work together to cure a patient. This is done by the direct effect of herbal help and then the remedy that laser treatment imposes on the patient.

Herbal treatments weakens the cancerous cells to the point where they lose function. This does not, however, render them useless. They are still in your body, so you would need a way to remove them. Laser treatments apply radiation to destroy these cells. You can also consider that herbal medicine is a catalyst in the cancer treatment process.

Treatment of cancer may become difficult and ineffective if you take the wrong procedures. Herbal medicine, with proper consultation, has been noted to produce results that really help you in the end. These natural remedies aid in the curing of cancer, so they are always something everyone should look into.

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Transfer Factor Plus and Anti-Oxidants in Riovida Shown to Pro-Long Life Expectancy

RioVida, one of the most omnipotent, wholly natural, 100% pure, copyrighted, energy beverages on the market. Intended for people on the go!

This is whats in it:

*Transfer Factor E-XF - proven to promote your immune system by 283%.

*Acai berry, Now nearly the most popular, well known fruits which is also one of natures most perfect food sources. It incorporates anti-oxidants, important minerals and fatty acids, which back the immune process and promotes healthy cholesterol ranges. It also fires up the body and subdues free radicals.
*Blueberries - encouraging digestive health, including the inflammatory reaction in the digestive system, brain and neurological system.

*Pomegranates, source of antioxidants, potassium, fiber, Vitamin C and niacin.

*Elderberries, helps to maintain healthy ranges of stress.

*Lactoferrin. which have fortifying antioxidant attributes and enhanced immune support - NOTE allergens are lowered to under amounts causing reactions

Why Grapes?

An article in the 11/2/2006 issue of the San Jose Mercury News, references Works evidencing that a chemical compound found in red grapes (and in 4Life's riovida juice drink), named "resveratrol" not only enhanced the life span of mice, but likewise had fantastical yet startlingly good health results.

"The molecule prevented most, if not all, of the negative side outcomes of being obese,'' said lead researcher David Sinclair, a Harvard educated pathologist with Sirtris Pharmaceuticals. "As a consequence, they lived just as long as lean mice'' said Stephen Helfand, who Works the molecular genetics of aging at University of Connecticut.

The two aforementioned researchers, along with Marc Tatar of Brown University, who also shares a passion in the biology of aging and life-span propagation, recently established that reveratrol can slow down the aging proces in nematodes and fruit flies. The collaboration was transcribed in the July 15, 2004 publication of the prestigious journal Nature. A year earlier Sinclair described that reveratrol stretches the lifespan of yeast cells by 70% and also increasing DNA stableness.

Reservratrol, which is a powerful antioxidant, occurs naturally in low concentrations in the skin of grapes, peanuts and likewise can be found in some berries. Investigators have suspected that it could in all probability be somewhat to blame for the so-called French paradox - an observation that the French have a small occurence of heart disease, even though they take in a relatively high-fat diet.

Resveratrol and other polyphenols (flavanols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and phytochemicals) are Epidemiological and verifiable studies indicate that high consumption of polyphenols including resveratrol-rich foods is connected with decreased heart disease risk, lower total cholesterol, as well as lower LDL cholesterol.

Another power peculiar to Reveratrol is the way it blocks the onrush of cancer with little toxicity damage to normal cells.

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How Effective Is Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer?

After mastectomy, women are sent to see the oncologists, and they are often told to go for chemotherapy. This treatment is like an "insurance" against future problems. Chemotherapy can kill all the remaining cancer cells in the body. In this way the cancer can be cured. Chemotherapy can also stop cancer from spreading to other parts of the body. Or at the very least it slows the cancer growth. To the oncologists, chemotherapy is the proven way to go, other ways are hocus pocus!

These points are often well taken by women in general. The fear of recurrence is sufficient enough to make women go through chemotherapy. To them, the sufferings of the treatment are worth enduring for the promise of cure at the end of the adventure. What some oncologists don't tell their patients is that not all the cancer cells are killed by the treatment. There is no way that a hundred percent of the cancer cells can be wiped by chemotherapy. Add to that, even the good healthy cells are killed and the immune system destroyed.

Patients, on the other hand don't ask these questions: Will there truly be a cure? If indeed the promise of cure is real, can we put it in terms of real numbers or percentage? To put it bluntly, how effective is chemotherapy for breast cancer? I wonder how many women ask their oncologists these questions, and if they do, what would the answers be like?

a) Without chemotherapy what percentage of people died or would die from breast cancer?

b) With chemotherapy what percentage of people are cured or would be cured?

c) What is meant by cure?

Try and search the answers from the internet and see if you can get anything. There is a great chance that you will go on a merry go round trip! I experienced exactly just that and was terribly disappointed. Thousands of articles are written about breast cancer but I fail to find the clear-cut answers to the above questions. Perhaps they are not important? Or something that women do not need to know before they embark on their treatment? Women just need to have full faith and trust in the experts and everything would turn out fine. Few women realize that such attitude may just be the beginning of more problems to come.

Let me try to share what I have gathered from the medical literature.

Karin Stabiner in her book (To dance with the devil) wrote: "Breast cancer takes the life of an American woman every twelve minutes. There is no sure cure for the disease, no known way to prevent it and no means of predicting." With all the advances in science and technology, may I ask, how could this be? Why such high degree of uncertainty?

Chantal Bernard-Marty, Fatima Cardoso, Martine J. Piccart of Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels, Belgium (The Oncologist 9: 617-632, Nov. 2004) wrote: "20%-85% of patients ... who are diagnosed with early breast cancer will later develop recurrent and/or metastatic disease. Despite more than 3 decades of research, metastatic breast cancer remains essentially incurable." Women are told that "catching" breast cancer early is a sure way of saving life. But how is it that even after early detection, twenty to eighty-five percent of patients still go on to develop more serious cancer that is incurable? Has the treatment protocols got anything to do with such failures?

How effective is chemotherapy?

Writing in Clinical Oncology (2004. 16: 549-560), three Australian doctors: Graeme Morgan, Robyn Ward & Michael Baton noted that in Australia, of the 10,661 people who had breast cancer only 164 people survived five years due to chemotherapy. This works out to 1.5% contribution of chemotherapy to survival. In their paper, they concluded that "overall contribution of curative and adjuvant chemotherapy to five-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA."

Professor Michael Boyer, head of Medical Oncology of the Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital disputed this 2% figure. He said: "It's not correct for a number of reasons. The 2% figure is achieved by including a whole series of diseases in which chemotherapy would never be used." To the professor the more "correct" figures should be 5% or 6%. Okay, let us accept that new figures -- how do women feel about it -- going for chemotherapy to achieve a five to six percent success?

In the editorial of the Australian Prescriber (2006. 29:2-3), Eva Segelov wrote: "Chemotherapy has been oversold. Chemotherapy has improved survival by less than 3% in adults with cancer."

Veroort et al. from the Netherlands (British J. Cancer. 2004. 91: 242-247) in their study on the role of tamoxifen and chemotherapy for breast cancer concluded that "breast cancer mortality reduction caused by present-day practice of adjuvant tamoxifen and chemotherapy is 7%. Tamoxifen contributes most to the mortality reduction. The overall effect of chemotherapy on mortality is very small." Take note that the contribution of chemotherapy to breast cancer survival is very small - what is very small? To be sure it has to be much, much less than 7%.

Guy Faguet, after spending numerous years of research on cancer, came to this startling conclusion (The War on Cancer: An anatomy of failure, a blueprint for the future. Springer, 2005): "An objective analysis of cancer chemotherapy outcomes over the last three decades reveals that, despite vast human and financial expenditures, the cell-killing paradigm had failed to achieve its objective ... the conquest of cancer remains a distant and elusive goal." Chemotherapy for cancer is based on "flawed premises with an unattainable goal, cytotoxic chemotherapy in its present form will neither eradicate cancer not alleviate suffering."

Cured of Breast Cancer?

In a study of 1,547 breast cancer patients at the University of Chicago Hospital, USA, from 1945 to 1987, Theodore Karrison et al. (J. Nat. Cancer Inst. 1999. 91:80-85) observed that for patients who underwent mastectomy but without chemotherapy or radiotherapy, most recurrences occurred within the first ten years after mastectomy. Recurrences were rare after 20 to 25 years. Patients surviving to this time without evidence of recurrence are probably cured.

Women are often told that if they survive five years after their diagnosis of breast cancer, they are considered cured of breast cancer. Based on the work of Karrison et al. this assumption is presumptuous and is not true at all. Women perhaps need to be reminded of what Guy Faguet wrote: "We must recognize that "cure" is not an absolute term because minimal residual or slowly recurrent disease that causes no symptoms can persist and remain undetected for years." Take note, the cancer can remain dormant in the body for years not just five years!

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Turmeric Benefits - Cancer Prevention - Can Turmeric Prevent Cancer?

The active component curcumin in the spice turmeric is shown to prevent and retard cancer in hundreds of studies and research reports. Many of the methods by which carcinogenesis (attack of carcinogens on the DNA and cellular structure) progresses has been shown to be retarded or short circuited by turmeric. A powerful carcinogenic agent TPA (tissue polypeptide antigen) is known to cause cancer by increasing the production of a substance in the body called protein kinase. Turmeric appears to suppress the production of protein kinase. Turmeric is also shown to lower the levels of oncogen which is a cancer causing gene called c-jun. A team of scientists not only demonstrated these suppressive effects but caused a 99% inhibition of TPA induced tumors on rodents.

It is obvious that turmeric is shutting of some of the cancer causing pathways and probably blocking of malignant tumors at the initiation, promotion and progression stage itself. Turmeric is capable of slowing or preventing genetic mutation in cells that are risk factors for cancer. Mutation is a genetic change in the DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid of a cell that gets passed on to future generations of the cells in the process of cell division. Although not all DNA mutations are carcinogenic cancer has always followed DNA mutation.

Couple of important studies has dramatically indicated that this cancer causing DNA mutation pathway can be closed by turmeric. In one study mutagenic changes in the bone marrow of mice were significantly decreased by administration of turmeric extract. Another study was dramatic because it was done on people. Normally such studies are never done on people as it is illegal and unethical to inject people with carcinogenic agents as in the case of animals used for laboratory studies. Smokers are injecting themselves with wide range of carcinogenic agents. A study was done on 100 smokers in India who refused to quit against all warnings. They were given turmeric extract pill for 30 days (Though diet in India regularly contains turmeric that is not sufficient). During this period there was a startling 40% reduction in the urinary extraction of tobacco related mutagens - a byproduct of cell/DNA mutation. Clearly turmeric -curcumin detoxified enough carcinogens in the lungs to cause such a reduction of mutation process.

Turmeric tops the short list of really powerful cancer preventive agents. Many government funded agencies like Nation Cancer Institute, Medline Plus and American Cancer Institute have recognized turmeric as one of the best means of prevention against cancer.

Cure Cancer Naturally

Today, millions aware of the toxic effects than conventional treatments have cancer on the body. For this reason, many people decide on the treatment of cancer outside of their traditional medical facility to search. Not only the people walk away from traditional treatments, many of the successful battle against this potentially fatal disease with alternative methods.

Patients are tired, definitely a medical system that drugs and surgery as the first option of having a disease or illness promotes healing. People are starting to deal with knowledge and know-how arm allows them to see that there is another alternative. In reaction to this realization, many people heal themselves of cancer in the world of nature.

Chemotherapy is a treatment that does not have many. Those who survived the experience extreme side effects. Because chemotherapy is a very powerful drug and has a very strong reaction in the human body.

As strong as chemotherapy, but it is never destroyed cancer cells. As soon as the drug comes into contact with them destroying allegedly cells. This is certainly not the case. Some patients even find that the cancer cells continued to multiply, even during treatment. Why?

This happens because the chemotherapy is an approach BAND-AID, and is not on the underlying cause of the problem. So why cancer cells appear? Where do they come? If you ask a traditional healer, to answer these questions, it is likely that you will not get a clear answer.

Her cancer because your body is acidic and toxic are. Your diet and lifestyle is directly related to the immune system of the body, and its ability to kill a disease. It is likely that the traditional doctor will not agree with this statement, but a holistic doctor will tell you that your body is sick, not just the part of your body that has the tumor.

With the natural treatment of cancer, the tumor is a sign that your body has got angry and out of balance. Natural remedies are administered to help then to the whole body to reach back into balance and good. Disease will not survive or grow in a body that is healthy and in balance.

The injection of drugs to kill cancer cells that appear like she is not the answer. Although the treatment can destroy damaged cells, the likelihood that cancer will appear or remain in the body is very high.

Surgery is also a bad option. Although surgery is to remove the tumor, the underlying problem is not yet included. This applies with radiation and other toxic drugs and treatments for cancer.

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A new way to kill cancer cells

Unlike normal cells, cancer cells can grow and age without dying — one of the reasons they’re so dangerous. But researchers at Washington State University have developed a way to help cancer cells age and die, which could lead to treatment that slows or stops tumor growth.

The research, by Weihang Chai of the Washington State University School of Molecular Bio sciences and colleagues, was reported in the current issue of The EMBO Journal. It was funded in part by the National Institutes of Health and the American Cancer Society. I spoke with Chai this week.

How do cancer cells differ from normal cells in terms of their mortality?

The big difference between cancer cells and normal cells is that cancer cells can divide forever and live forever. We call this immortality. The normal cells will divide for a number of divisions and then stop growing. They get old and either they die or they sit there and do nothing. They are mortal.

Cancer cells have a way to maintain their telomeres. Their telomeres don’t get shortened. Each time the normal cells divide they lose some telomere DNA sequences. Eventually when the telomere DNA becomes too short, they stop growing. There are also other factors contributing to the mortality of normal cells.

Is the immortality of cancer cells what makes them so dangerous?

The cancer cells divide uncontrollably. Then you have more and more cancer cells in one location of your body that can invade the surrounding tissues and disrupt the function of the normal tissues. They form the tumor. The cancer cells also can circulate around your body and get into other places and form tumors in the new locations. This is in part due to the immortality of cancer cells. They don’t die. Normal cells grow at one location and at some point they will stop.

Talk about your work on making cancer cells “more mortal.”

The majority of the cancer cells, about 90 percent, they activate a molecule called telomerase. Telomerase is usually not activated in normal cells, except for in stem cells. In cancer cells, the telomerase is active. The function of telomerase is to add telomere DNA at the short telomeres. That’s why cancer cells don’t lose their telomeres. In the normal cells telomerase is off, so there is no way to maintain their telomere length. [This would suggest that] if you kill the telomerase in cancer cells, the telomere [would gradually shorten] and the cancer cells will die.

However, recently we have found that the telomerase extends just one strand of DNA. The other strand should be synthesized by other molecules, other proteins. We found the molecule that’s responsible for synthesizing the other strand. If you block the function of this molecule, then the telomere cannot be maintained properly, so the cell also just stops growing.

We’re just at this stage now. We don’t know how this whole thing works. We’re working on that and hopefully in the future we can design a way to target this process, not directly target telomerase but target the synthesis of the other strand. That’s another way of stopping the cancer cell’s growth.

What’s the next step to move this research forward?

The next step will be to find out how this whole thing is regulated. We’d like to know whether in normal cells the synthesis of the other strand also occurs because you want to specifically target the cancer cells. If this does exist, [we want to know] whether the same process is regulated by different pathways in normal cells compared to cancer cells. Our ultimate goal is to see if there are any specific targets we can inhibit in the cancer cells.

Could this eventually become a treatment for people with cancer?

We hope so. It’s going to be a long way. That probably will involve some other research groups, not just our group.

Image: Dr. Weihang Chai

The Best Natural Cure For Cancer Does Exist

Do not lose hope if you or a loved one is suffering from cancer today. The best natural cure for cancer. Contrary to what doctors believe there is hope for cancer victims. The "cancer-free - your guide to gentle, non-toxic Healing" book is a comprehensive and informative guide is intended to save lives without hope for cancer.

The author Bill Henderson, whose wife died of ovarian cancer is despite several operations and chemotherapy, she had experienced. There is no doctor, but because of his tragic experience, he was motivated to find a cure alternative. A mission to avoid the fate of many people of his ex-wife. Twelve years of research and work are closely linked to thousands of survivors of cancer, cancer doctors, nutritionists, nurses, cancer specialists of all kinds led to the publication of this "cancer-free" leaders that the best alternative and natural healing for all types of cancer.

He believes that the treatment itself was the cause of the death of his wife. Conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, attack the tumor, as if it was the enemy and kill the cancer cells, including those in good health are essential for the body of other organs.

In a study by McGill Cancer Center has been cited that 75% of Americans received cancer chemotherapy prescribed by her oncologist diagnosed.

But ...

75% of oncologists also said that if they had cancer, they would not use chemotherapy. Why? Due to its "ineffectiveness and unacceptable toxicity.

It is the 27th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium has been reported effective as the spread of cancer cells and chemotherapy, the results of this extensive metastases months or years later, long after he is suspected, the cause for the spread of cancer.

Although chemotherapeutic agents to tumors and cancer cells trying to kill it interfere inadvertently dividing with other normal cells, including cells in hair follicles, nails, mouth, gut and bone marrow (which produces blood cells.) In this case, the patient side effects of hair loss, fatigue, anemia, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, infections, infertility, diarrhea and weight loss changes. In addition to the spread of cancer cells, chemotherapy affects the immune system so that the body is weak to defend itself against future cancers. The end result is that the chemotherapy patient is lethal as a "cure".

People tend to seek alternative treatment, Bill Henderson as a last resort, after her doctors have given to them. Meanwhile, there are thousands who are "free of cancer, including terminal cancer patients with all forms and stages of cancer in the world. If people follow his simple diet and supplement regimen for 6-8 weeks you will be able to reverse their cancer.

The pattern of healing in the book contains six different theories of how to treat cancer cells. These six forms of treatment are mild, nontoxic and safe. They are all working together on building up your healthy cells of the immune system to defeat the evil that cause diseases. The four conditions that can be overcome before any cancer needs to be corrected, are:

* Weak immune system
* The lack of oxygen consumption of cells
* Excessive toxins
* Acid

It is believed that cancer victims have to delay this treatment six to eight weeks, while other treatment. If this does not work, it offers more "coaching" by telephone, where the interaction issues to information in the book is to clarify and discuss what to try, next on the basis of the experiences of patients.

Apart from the "Guide to Self-therapy, there is also information on the location of the holistic doctors, clinics and other resources. They will also discuss how to test the level of cancer cells in the body are taught.

You get bonus books on aging, nutrition, exercise, diabetes, and cure of back pain. Everything that can greatly help in your campaign for better health, naturally.

It is important to learn the real causes of cancer and discover the best treatments that really work. If you still decide the conventional way, this natural, nontoxic, without side effects cure is still working hand in hand to use the side effects of the so-called "medical treatment" offset. It will achieve a great help in the restoration of health and a life without cancer, you've always wanted.

Cancer is a disease really single cell to a cell that has gone wrong, is divided up quickly and spreads to produce tumors. It is therefore logical that this disease by strengthening and unifying the treatment of the cells by the natural cleansing, proper nutrition, detoxification, and generally set up the immune system. Our bodies are designed to protect against infection and to heal nature.

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Basic Facts About Cancer

If you're looking for some basic information on cancer, here is a simple list for you.

What is cancer?

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells, lead to death if not controlled or treated. Cause cancer as well as external factors such as tobacco, chemicals, radiation ... and internal factors, such as hereditary, mutation, hormones, immune conditions and ...
It is generally 10 or more years spent exposure to external factors and detectable cancer.
Cancer treated with surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy.

Can cancer be prevented?

Cancers, which are the result of smoking a cigarette and heavy alcohol use can certainly be avoided. Approximately 170 000 Americans are expected to die in 2008 due to smoking.
Total cancer deaths expected to occur in 2008 is about 565.650. Approximately 188 000 of these related to overweight or obesity, physical inactivity, mal-nutrition and could be prevented.
Many of the more than one million skin cancer cases could have been avoided if proper sun protection is used and to avoid indoor tanning
Cancers associated with pathogens such as hepatitis B virus (HBV), the HIV virus (HIV), and many others, and it could also prevent the lifestyle and behavioral changes, vaccines or antibiotics.
Regular screening can detect, diagnose and remove the cancer at an early stage when it is treatable.

Other facts:

Everyone is at risk of developing cancer
National Cancer Institute estimates that approximately 10.8 million Americans who have previously had cancer were alive in January 2004, some were cancer-free, and some were still in treatment
About 1.43718 million new cancer cases is expected to be diagnosed in 2008.
Approximately 565 650 Americans are likely to die of cancer, more than 1,500 people a day.
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States next to heart disease
Cancer accounts for 1 of every 4 deaths in America.
5-year survival rate for all cancer patients observed from 1996 to 2003 is 66%.
There are usually four stages of cancer. I have an early phase and phase IV has evolved.
If cancer cells are present in only a layer of cells where they developed and has not spread, a step is location. If cancer cells have spread over the original layer of tissue invasive cancer.

Prevention, early detection and treatment can save your life!

Paying attention to the water you drink every day is one way to prevent the development of cancer. Approximately 70% of organ weight is water. It is the very thing your body needs most. Water is responsible for many body functions. Drinking enough clean and fresh water will not only improve your overall health and wellness, it may also prevent you from many ailments and diseases. Give your body the water quality it deserves and in turn it will serve you the optimal health and appearance you've always wanted.